Emerging from the TFS Festival of Films with 3 of the top awards including Best Picture is ‘Poly’, a 7 minute short drama that chronicles the toxicity within a thruple’s polyamorous relationship; the film is presented by Electronic Earth.

Poly’, written and directed by first time writer/director Colombian female filmmaker Yeimy Daza (winning Best Director), stars Joel Pantalone, Bela Yafite Larby and Best Female Performance winner Natalia Aranguren.

Aranguren says about the win, Read more…

Electronic Earth is proud to announce that Precipice, written/directed by Sean Young and starring Georgia Hunter, will premiere in the US & LA during the Philip K. Dick Science-Fiction Film Festival.

The bi-coastal film festival held its first tier this past weekend in New York City, NY March 7th & 9th, 2019 before moving to its Los Angeles & Santa Ana, CA dates this March 14th to March 17th, 2019 weekend for tier two.

Precipice is a prologue introducing elements of a much larger story and the world it exists within. It mirrors elements of our present reality threatening the future Read more…

Back in July, Electronic Earth announced that award-winning and internationally recognized band Lab4 had become the composers of the original score for E2’s flagship project Precipice, which is written and directed by filmmaker Sean Young.

During composition, it was decided that a version of the score done for Precipice titled ‘CTRL ALT DESTROY’ would become the intro and title track for Lab4’s recent EP release of the same name.

With the album being Lab4’s first EP release in over 10 years, it was received with much anticipation and drew the attention of Read more…

We recently received confirmation that 5 of the short film projects being presented by Electronic Earth have become official selections of the 2018 Festival of Films (TFsFF), presented by Toronto Film School.

Included in the selections are:

Hopscotch, Written by Cheyenne & Alexander Osborne and Directed by Alexander Osborne
Painting On the Wall, Written & Directed by Erez Wiezel
Samantha, Written by Robin Dines & Sebastian Ponton and Directed by Sebastian Ponton Read more…

In a bold move, Sean Young (Executive Director of Electronic Earth), has collaborated with a very significant name in entertainment.

Young’s flagship project, Precipice (written/directed by Young and starring Georgia Hunter), now has an original score written by Lab4, who have an award-winning history of international success, and an impressive library of albums/EPs and singles.

Not getting ahead of ourselves, we wanted to know how this collaboration came about. We were fortunate enough to have Les Elston from Lab4, and Sean Young, to comment on when this (as the media has started to call it) ‘bromance’ started. Read more…

This past week Electronic Earth debuted their first 5 short film projects, screening them for their first audience of other emerging filmmakers: The Intercessor (thriller); Hopscotch (comedy); Precipice (sci-fi/thriller); The Liminal (previously titled Gift – sci-fi/thriller); and Samantha (horror).

4 of the 5 films were production company collaborative projects with each project focusing on a different story type or vision. In the case of Hopscotch, the collaboration was with Alexander Osborne and his production company, Life Light Productions. With The Intercessor, We worked with Singh Along Productions, Chris Kelly Media and director Darcy Love. Both Samantha (directed by Sebastian Ponton) and The Liminal (formerly titled Gift and directed by Artem Mykhailetskyi) were partnerships with Golden Elk Productions. The exception was Precipice, Read more…

First off, it’s been a while since our last update, so I wanted to assure everyone that we haven’t disappeared. There were some unforeseen non-project related real life situations that caused Electronic Earth to have to push ‘pause’ on things we’d been working so passionately on – major bummer for you guys who had to wait, but much more gutting for us in having to switch gears away from projects and postpone getting them to you!

With that, I am very happy to convey that we’re back to project focus and we’ve hit ‘play’ again to resume work on a more full scale capacity.

First, I wanted to start off this update with some grand news for us (and possibly for all of our early supporters). Since our last communication, Electronic Earth has Read more…

Principal photography has begun on the proof of concept film, ‘Precipice’, a new science-fiction thriller written and directed by filmmaker, Sean Young.

“I’m very excited to finally be working on bringing this concept to production. It’s an idea that I’ve been developing over the course of the last few years and It’s a thrill to see it start to come to life.”

Young goes on to comment about the principal character in the story, Gia //pronounced ‘guy-Ah’//. Read more…

Recently, Graham Shonfield released a short film project, ‘Awkward Moment’, onto his YouTube channel, ‘Graham Crackers’, that was based upon a true to life event that he felt would be a good laugh, but also to serve as an interaction point to encourage people to share their own regrets and embarrassments with others.

Shonfield comments about why he wanted to tell this personal of a story,

It was an experience that happened to me and I wasn’t sure what to do when I was in the moment, so I thought I’d make a sketch playing out the various options and see what other people might do!

Read more…

Passion, truly drives Armin Van Buuren. Only cancelling one tour date //sorry Chicago//, and just one night after the funeral of his step-father, Armin reclaimed his position at the helm of his ‘Intense’ tour.

It was a rare evening.

Usually, the Metro Toronto Convention Centre //MTCC// plays host to boating, car, comic, and trade-show enthusiasts.

Instead, last Saturday night, Armin’s team, and Electronic Nation, brought thousands of people from all walks of life to converge and experience Armin Van Buuren, who has stated that for him, Read more…