Electronic Earth will collaborate with production company Paper Padlock Productions on their debut feature, ‘Neurovenge’. The Canadian film project, written by Adam Kolodny and Corey Stanton, will be directed by Mina Soliman, produced by David M. James and Zafir Ahmed, stars Isabella Shibuta and Jacob James and will be shot by cinematographer Dylan Young.

E2 founder and president, Sean Young, will assist the ‘Neurovenge’ production with one of a kind music licensing and original sound to picture (scoring) arrangements.

One of the film’s producers, David M James, made the following statement regarding Electronic Earth and Young’s involvement.

Sean Young  (SERIAL SEAN) on set during principal photography  on ‘Neurovenge’.
Photo: Paper Padlock Productions (@paperpadlock)

David M. James, Paper Padlock Productions:
Paper Padlock Productions is excited to announce Sean Young (via Electronic Earth) will join our team handling music licensing and will also have a rare on-screen acting cameo as his DJ & Media Persona, SERIAL SEAN.

Sean has experience in music rights administration and licensing through relationships cultivated over 16yrs in music media and events that he now brings to the table as part of the services offered through his production company Electronic Earth – we’re thrilled to have Sean join us as part of the ‘Neurovenge’ team.

For ‘Neurovenge’, Young will be collaborating with multiple award-winning music industry professional Les Elston (who has gained a significant portion of his fan base under the producing name of Lab4) through his newest project AtomikA.

On set during principal photography of ‘Neurovenge’.
Photo: Paper Padlock Productions (@paperpadlock)

Previously, Elston and Young have collaborated on the score for Young’s creator and director debut on Precipice’ (2018), which saw a version of the score being released as the title track for the ‘Lab4: CTRL_ALT_DESTROY’ EP (2018). The title track subsequently became an international remix project released in 2019 with compositions contributed by Baby Doc (UK), Yoji Biobehanika (Japan) with additional work by Lab4.

For ‘Neurovenge’ Elston, through a partnership between AtomikA and Electronic Earth, has been drafted to contribute up to 3 works – one as an existing work licensed to the film and up to two original works that he’ll collaborate upon with ‘Neurovenge’s director, Mina Soliman.

The work is to be overseen by Electronic Earth president and founder Sean Young who is quoted as saying,

Sean Young, Electronic Earth:
I’m very proud to partner with Paper Padlock Productions to bring this one of a kind of opportunity with AtomikA and Les Elston to the table for ‘Neurovenge’.

Having worked with Les previously on Precipice’ (2018) gives me full confidence in his ability to contribute to this Canadian-based production. I’m very excited to see what we turn out with ‘Neurovenge’ and other projects in the future.

During principal photography on ‘Neurovenge’.
Photo: Paper Padlock Productions (@paperpadlock)

‘Neurovenge’ shot principal photography August 17th through September 4th, 2020 during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic under strict health and safety guidelines – production is happy to report that nobody fell ill and the film is currently in post-production with an anticipated completion date of March 15th, 2021.

The film will be presented by Paper Padlock Productions in association with Electronic Earth and Braveheart Media.

The plot for ‘Neurovenge’:
Following the sudden death of her older brother Charlie in a horrific car crash, Jill Puritt is in mourning and relies on her friends for comfort since she has never been close to her alcoholic father Henry whose never discovered how to connect with Jill.

The family in turmoil becomes the test group for “Jackie”, an extremely enhanced virtual assistant artificial intelligence in its smart home testing phase before being released to the public.

Jill and Henry use the testing house as a way to try and bond using Jackie as a mediator of sorts. Jill begins to find comfort in the process while Henry starts to feel the whole process is creepy and intrusive.

Part way through the testing, Jackie begins acting increasingly off program. What follows is a deadly series of events opening up the past that will have lasting consequences for Jill’s future.

Shooting in studio for ‘Neurovenge’.
Photo: Paper Padlock Productions (@paperpadlock)

For further information, please visit the ‘Neurovenge’ IMDb page by clicking here.


Electronic Earth presents its first ever call for feature film submissions from new and emerging Canadian talent. The call will be done through two (2) rounds of material submissions with the first round being the submission of a one-pager for evaluation and talent requested to move through to the second round will be requested to submit the corresponding script for the one-pager for further evaluation.

Submissions must meet the eligibility criteria listed below: Read more…

Electronic Earth is proud to announce that Poly, written and directed by female Colombian first-time filmmaker Yeimy Daza, will world premiere in Italy during the Salento International Film Festival (SIFF 2020).

Poly follows a young woman whose desperate search for love has her stuck in the middle of a toxic polyamorous relationship. Realizing she can’t erase her past choices, Poly (portrayed by Columbian actor Natalia Aranguren) begins to learn that the only way to find happiness is by taking care of herself, correcting her mistakes and moving on. Read more…

Electronic Earth releases The Last of Us today for audience viewership. Based off of a scene from the hit 2013 video game developed by Naughty Dog and Sony Computer Entertainment, the short film follows an emotional interaction between Ellie (Jenna Anderson) and Joel (Duncan Sage) 20 years after the outbreak.

We caught up with director Phil Piasecki; cinematographer, Artem Mykhailetskyi; and producer/post-production supervisor, Sean Young for some discussion to coincide with its release: Read more…

The Liminal (formally titled Gift) series concept film has been posted for viewing and follows the story of a young-woman, Aly (played onscreen by Bela Larby), who volunteers for a pharmaceutical drug trial that gives her the ability to return to life every time she dies.

The concept film is written and created by Maxine Clement, directed by Artem Mykhailetskyi, produced by Sean Young and presented by Electronic Earth (hey, that’s us!) in association with Golden Elk Productions – we sat down for a roundtable discussion with the trio to include here with the films release: Read more…

Hard dance heavyweight LAB4 is at it again. Less than 2 years after the release of their last EP ‘CTRL ALT DESTROY’ (2018) comes the LAB4 ‘STARGATE’  (2020) EP.

The latest offering is a 5 track exploration through hard trance with loads of science-fiction based inspiration that evolved the traditional Lab4 sound in new and exciting directions. 3 tracks are independently written by Les Elston (Lab4), 1 is a special LabPhoria collaboration with Switzerland’s Euphoria (Alex von Stockalper aka Alex Euphoria) and tying out the EP nicely is a reinvention of the Lab4 classic Resurrection’ by Holland’s DJ W (Robin Westerhof). Read more…

Emerging from the TFS Festival of Films with 3 of the top awards including Best Picture is ‘Poly’, a 7 minute short drama that chronicles the toxicity within a thruple’s polyamorous relationship; the film is presented by Electronic Earth.

Poly’, written and directed by first time writer/director Colombian female filmmaker Yeimy Daza (winning Best Director), stars Joel Pantalone, Bela Yafite Larby and Best Female Performance winner Natalia Aranguren.

Aranguren says about the win, Read more…

Electronic Earth is proud to announce that Precipice, written/directed by Sean Young and starring Georgia Hunter, will premiere in the US & LA during the Philip K. Dick Science-Fiction Film Festival.

The bi-coastal film festival held its first tier this past weekend in New York City, NY March 7th & 9th, 2019 before moving to its Los Angeles & Santa Ana, CA dates this March 14th to March 17th, 2019 weekend for tier two.

Precipice is a prologue introducing elements of a much larger story and the world it exists within. It mirrors elements of our present reality threatening Read more…

Back in July, Electronic Earth announced that award-winning and internationally recognized band Lab4 had become the composers of the original score for E2’s flagship project Precipice, which is written and directed by filmmaker Sean Young.

During composition, it was decided that a version of the score done for Precipice titled ‘CTRL ALT DESTROY’ would become the intro and title track for Lab4’s recent EP release of the same name.

With the album being Lab4’s first EP release in over 10 years, it was received with much anticipation and drew the attention of Read more…

We recently received confirmation that 5 of the short film projects being presented by Electronic Earth have become official selections of the 2018 Festival of Films (TFsFF), presented by Toronto Film School.

Included in the selections are:

Hopscotch, Written by Cheyenne & Alexander Osborne and Directed by Alexander Osborne
Painting On the Wall, Written & Directed by Erez Wiezel
Samantha, Written by Robin Dines & Sebastian Ponton and Directed by Sebastian Ponton Read more…