Infected Mushroom, an israeli electronic music band founded in late 1997 by producers, Erez Eisen and Amit Duvdevani, very recently completed their new psychedelic live show and unveiled it at Hollywood’s historic Avalon nightclub May 12th.

The show itself, “a trippy tour de force of audio and visual that incorporates the latest in 3-D mapping technology” is the creation of Vello Virkhaus, CEO & Director of L.A.-based visual arts studio V Squared Labs & Heather Shaw, a Production Designer for Vita Motus.

After signing onto the project, Virkhaus` concept was to 3-D map a visual journey onto two giant spheres which the band would perform from within. Virkhaus recalls making the joke that they were ‘..gonna make you //the band// two big balls!’ Presently his attitude towards the project has changed, Read more…

So another year of music has passed us by. With it, another cycle of awards was dealt to us at the Much Music Video Awards, which were held last night in downtown Toronto, Canada.

Contributing to the event were awards show co-hosts LMFAO, who’ve been on an amazing tour of events – including performing alongside pop music icon Madonna at the Superbowl earlier this year.

Opening the show with Read more…