Sam, a terminally-ill teen from Wisconsin, is forced to attend group therapy alongside four others. Separate, they’re eccentric — together, they’re dysfunctional. To make matters worse, Dr. Andrews, a previously disgraced therapist assigned to their group, thrives on masterminding conflict between his patients.

Over a series of daily sessions, they develop a growing disdain for one another. Upon seeing her peers’ degrading stability, Sam loses faith in her therapy. Seemingly hopeless and burdened with an incurable disease, Sam decides to take her own life.


Director: Nicholas Koscik
Writers: Madison Bottle, Jelmer Ouwerkerk & Nicholas Koscik
Producer: Sean Young
Starring: Madison Bottle, Jelmer Ouwerkerk, Matt Brud, Lee Lawson, Blake Canning & Armand Ursomarzo