ELECTRONIC EARTH //E2// is a platform for filmmakers and entertainment-centric creative professionals founded by Toronto-based entrepreneur, Sean Young. Through innovative partnerships and his experiences producing digital entertainment on an array of platforms, Young has started E2 as a launchpad for collaborative professionals to bring provocative and unique ideas to life.

E2’s mandate is to create and assist in collaboration on engaging, innovative, and multi-medium media and entertainment for its audience//s//.


An Artist, Producer, Media Personality, and Entrepreneur, who has an extensive history working on projects ranging from community to international levels.

Some of these projects have included: advertising and promotional campaigns, artist interviews, international festival talent programming and stage management, being a commentator/judge for live events, producing live performances, and developing business partnerships and sponsorships for unique brand collaborative marketing efforts.

His lifelong passion for the creative arts, keeping his finger on the cultural pulse, and continuing to arm himself with an extensive array of technological talents, has transformed Young into a self-titled entreprenerd who is constantly looking for new ways to develop himself, achieve new goals, and create opportunities for the future.