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Frank, a writer, moves into a new apartment looking to work on his latest reveal. Strange events begin to occur when Samantha appears and Frank begins to understand that Samantha is not who he thinks she is.



Director: Sebastian Ponton
Writers: Robin Dines & Sebastian Ponton
Cinematographer: Artem Mykhailetskyi
Producers: Sean Young & Amir Nouri
Starring: John Tench & Kearsten Johansson



Winner: Best Scare, Independent Horror Movie Awards (2018)
Winner: Best Cinematography (Artem Mykhailetskyi), TFS Festival of Films (2018): Toronto, Canada
Best Short Film, Horror in the Heat (2019): Sumrall, United States
Winner: Best Micro-Short Film, The International Horror Hotel (2019): Cleveland, United States
Winner: Best Actor (John Tench), 13Horror.Com Film & Screenplay Contest (2019): Los Angeles, United States
Winner: Best Actor in a Horror Short (John Tench), The Lost Sanity Film Festival (2019): Hoboken, United States
Finalist: Olympus Film Festival (2019): Los Angeles, United States
Finalist: Motor City Nightmares International Film Festival (2019): Milford, United States
Semi-Finalist: MeggaXP’s Blood Bash ’19 (2019): Jackson, United States
Semi-Finalist: The Louisiana International Film Festival (2019): Baton Rouge, United States
Semi-Finalist: Best Cinematography, Horror in the Heat (2019): Sumrall, United States
Honorable Mention: Hollywood Horror Fest (2018): Los Angeles, United States
Nominated: Best Picture, TFS Festival of Films (2018): Toronto, Canada
Nominated: Best Director, TFS Festival of Films (2018): Toronto, Canada
Nominated: Best Producer, TFS Festival of Films (2018): Toronto, Canada
Nominated: Best Sound Design, TFS Festival of Films (2018): Toronto, Canada
Nominated: Best Production Design, TFS Festival of Films (2018): Toronto, Canada
Nominated: Best Short, Independent Horror Movie Awards (2018)
Nominated: Best Cinematography, Independent Horror Movie Awards (2018)
Nominated: Best Editing, Independent Horror Movie Awards (2018)
Nominated: Best Sound, Independent Horror Movie Awards (2018)
Nominated: Best Music, Independent Horror Movie Awards (2018)
Nominated: Best Horror/Thriller Short, Deep in the Heart Film Festival (2019): Waco, United States
Nominated: Best Makeup & Hairstyling, Hollywood North Film Awards (2019): Toronto, Canada
Nominated: Best Director (Sebastian Ponton), Bridgslaughter Horror Film Festival: Bridgwater News (2019): Bridgwater, United Kingdom
Official Selection: 80 Screams International Film Festival (2018): Rootstown, United States
Official Selection: Halloween Baile Macabro Film Festival (2018): Lauro de Freitas, Brazil
Official Selection: Beveren International Short Film Festival (2018): Beveren, Belgium
Official Selection: Los Angeles Crime and Horror Film Festival (2018): Los Angeles, United States
Official Selection: Bloodstained Indie Film Festival: Sci-Fi Horror Action (2018): Tokyo, Japan
Official Selection: Toronto Shorts International Film Festival (2019): Toronto, Canada
Official Selection: Just Before Midnight Noir Film Fest (2019)
Official Selection: Rising Stars International Film Festival (2019)
Official Selection: Independent Star Film Fest (2019): Freising, Germany
Official Selection:  Toronto International Spring of Horror and Fantasy Film Festival (2019): Toronto, Canada
Official Selection: Toronto Indie Horror Festival (2019): Toronto, Canada
Official Selection: Pittsburgh Horror Film Festival (2019): Pittsburgh, United States
Official Selection: Paris Short Film Festival (2019): Paris, France
Official Selection: OutlantaCon Short Film Festival (2019): Atlanta, United States
Official Selection: Okotoks Film Festival (2019): Okotoks, Canada
Official Selection: FantaSci Short Film Festival (2019): Orlando, United States
Official Selection: End of Days Film Festival (2019): Orlando, United States
Official Selection: Ebb and Flow Festival (2019): Baton Rouge, United States
Official Selection: Carolina Fear Fest (2019): Raleigh, United States
Official Selection: De Profundis Biannual Horror Film Festival (2019): Salford, United States
Official Selection: LA Short Scares Film Festival (2019): Los Angeles, United States
Official Selection: New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival (2019): New Jersey, United States

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Completed.- Available for Distribution / Development

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