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Recently, Graham Shonfield released a short film project, ‘Awkward Moment’, onto his YouTube channel, ‘Graham Crackers’, that was based upon a true to life event that he felt would be a good laugh, but also to serve as an interaction point to encourage people to share their own regrets and embarrassments with others.

Shonfield comments about why he wanted to tell this personal of a story,

 It was an experience that happened to me and I wasn’t sure what to do when I was in the moment, so I thought I’d make a sketch playing out the various options and see what other people might do!

The project was written and co-directed by Shonfield himself (with directorial assistance from David Multari), with Shonfield also acting to capture the awkwardness as he remembered. David Chang plays opposite Shonfield in the role of ‘Nick’ and the two, along with a film crew and the support of Electronic Earth, create #AwkwardMoment magic.

Take a look at the short film project yourself, and don’t forget to periodically visit Graham’s YouTube channel ‘Graham Crackers‘.

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