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HAPPY 2021 FROM ELECTRONIC EARTH! Let’s recap 2020 first! This was an interesting but progressive year not only for Electronic Earth but the world at large as the COVID-19 pandemic engulfed our planet. While pandemic-related health measures are still in place and vaccines are coming, we anticipate the reopening of the rest of the entertainment industry in spring/summer 2021 (under …

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E2 Presents FILM & TV, NEWS, Uncategorized

Emerging from the TFS Festival of Films with 3 of the top awards including Best Picture is ‘Poly’, a 7 minute short drama that chronicles the toxicity within a thruple’s polyamorous relationship; the film is presented by Electronic Earth.
‘Poly’, written and directed by first time writer/director Colombian female filmmaker Yeimy Daza (winning Best Director), stars Joel Pantalone, Bela Yafite Larby and Best Female Performance winner Natalia Aranguren.
Aranguren says about the win,