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Let’s recap 2020 first!

This was an interesting but progressive year not only for Electronic Earth but the world at large as the COVID-19 pandemic engulfed our planet.

While pandemic-related health measures are still in place and vaccines are coming, we anticipate the reopening of the rest of the entertainment industry in spring/summer 2021 (under the guidance of our health officials of course).

This projection may change (as we’ve become accustomed to by now) but let’s keep things on the bright side.


This project has seen some festival nominations, was honoured by Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Film Festival in the media as ‘phenomenal‘ and screened to audiences all over the world but Netflix seemed to think the franchise idea wasn’t a good fit at the time when they called for original Canadian content submissions back in August 2020 even though the original score written and produced by Electronic Earth founder and president, Sean Young & Les Elston (the award-winning and world touring live act Lab4) was reworked as the title track for the Lab4 EP ‘CTRL ALT DESTROY‘ and was an international remix project including the UK’s Baby Doc & Japan’s hard dance titan Yoji Biomehanika.
The Precipice prologue/concept film has reached its final version – we’ve retooled the VFX, augmented the sound design, recoloured it and applied a few new tweeks to the final edit so surprisingly no network has opted to pick it up and remains available for production.

With the pandemic, The ArQuives (Canada’s LGBTQ2+ Archives), closed their doors and we were assured that no research or documented incidents concerning national and international incidents of homophobia would be released to us until The ArQuives felt comfortable with the pandemic restrictions (indefinitely). The restrictions on information has forced Electronic Earth to delay the completion of this project but we have accessed materials through other globally and virtual-public available resources. We anticipate this project will complete for festival season 2022 – pre-emptively giving a publicity boost to the amazing Triggerfish Waterpolo Club of which it features.

Our powerful female driven team explored award-winning sexually charged polyamorous storytelling with a world premiere in Italy. Poly has won Best Picture, Best Director & Best Female Performance with both female leads being nominated as well as nominations for screenplay and cinematography.
Poly remains available to be developed into a feature film.

Nominated for Best Short Film at the Canadian Diversity Film Festival, Painting On the Wall explores the ending of a romantic relationship between two women that has feature film development potential.

A project brought to us for post-production from a first time Canadian filmmaker where we collaborated with the existing team to reimagine the editing/timing, added some atmospheric VFX and sound design before polishing it off with some seriously dynamic colour grading – it went on to be screened at Azure Lorica’s Fan Film Awards and was released as a publicity stunt to coincide with the release of the video game’s sequel in June 2020 – for free of course because the rights don’t belong to us and it was a fan film or passion project of the director.

A science-fiction thriller concept film for a long format streaming or television series that while subtly featuring a transgender character lead focuses on story while the lead character explores their role in the world. A dynamic perspective in storytelling by a transgender Canadian creator – the concept film was released in April 2020 to entice further development into the to-be-realized series.

A short-to-features project that was filmed but scraped at the end of the day due to unforeseen camera mishaps that resulted in poor quality footage. We’re not perfect but we decided to share a low in the update as well – we want you there along for the ride – both good and bad!

The little thriller/suspense short film that could keeps going! It’s won toured festivals all over the world and even been featured as an example of shoe-string filmmaking in teaching symposiums in China! Winning Best Actor (2x), Best Cinematography, Best Short Film and even Best Scare – Samantha is a short film in development to become a feature.

Collaborating with a few other production houses, E2 contributed to it’s first narrative feature film project in the areas of Music Licensing and Original Score with international touring and award-winning live act Lab4. Electronic Earth founder and president, Sean Young, makes a rare appearance in the film as his media personality and DJ moniker, SERIAL SEAN.
Neurovenge is currently in post-production with a release date to be announced.

Electronic Earth partners with Paper Padlock Productions to present the DSSM Podcast every week (minus some holidays) and from the perspective of actual filmmakers discusses current film reviews, the film industry in Toronto, Hollywood and Internationally.


Electronic Earth is on the hunt to present it’s first narrative feature. With this news comes the addition of producer Becky Yeboah to the Electronic Earth team to head this endeavour as VP Film Production. Yeboah most recently worked on Violation as line producer and was selected for Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) 2020 & Sundance 2021.
E2 is currently evaluating submitted projects with Yeboah and looks forward to presenting our first narrative feature film in collaboration with her.

E2 has expanded during the pandemic to include a new Interactive Media division which will focus on 100% customizable and client-envisioned digital properties/websites as well as interactive and immersive arts displays.
With this new division comes the addition of Michael Loucas as VP Interactive Media & Animation – his 22 years as a digital alchemist ensures that the future of our clients` digital properties will evolve to fit and stand out on the digital frontier.

Additionally, Rachel Hop has joined the E2 team as VP Development & Community Relations to handle incoming project development and monitor our community and public relations concerns.

Welcome Becky, Michael & Rachel.

We had really big exciting news for the first full immersive and interactive Electronic Earth event but the pandemic has delayed these plans. Through our partners at Made Artists, SERIAL SEAN & Hard Trance Europe Recordings we’ve arranged something extra fantastic when the COVID-19 pandemic concludes, vaccinations are administered and the live events industry can resume.

There is so much more in the works but that’s all we can share for now folks!

Finally, please please please take a few minutes to read about Electronic Earth’s intervention on CBC’s CRTC Broadcast License Renewal Application. In their application to renew their broadcast license it appears that CBC will remove $29 million dollars from Canadian television production funding costing just as much in the loss of productions and film/television industry jobs and international co-production opportunities.
Sean Young, president and founder of Electronic Earth will be presenting the intervention at the CRTC hearing to prevent this damage from being done to our growing industry and to suggest plausible solutions that the CRTC can impose as conditions on that license renewal to ensure the sustainability of our industry into the future.
But, E2 needs your help!
After reviewing the information, please complete the form letter and submit it following the instructions to provide your support and further demonstrate that the industry (and not just one company) opposes this action.

From all of us at Electronic Earth and on behalf of our lovely partners, we hope you’ve had a delightful ‘covid’ holiday season and best wishes for continued success in 2021!

Stay tuned for more exciting news and updates to come as we can release information,


Sean Young
Becky Yeboah
Michael Loucas
Rachel Hop

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